I designed a modular planting system for terraces in Brussels, using concrete fibre roofing tiles from the stocks of Rotor DC, a local cooperative that recuperates materials from construction sites.
This second iteration of the RotorHacks series follows the path of a design process based on modular assembly of construction materials, forming a bridge between product design and architecture.

This design originated from the frustration that I usually find in using round pots for plants, because they limit plant interactions and free combinations that go together with permaculture practices.
Based on roofing tiles, I designed a system that can run along a wall or a fence, and that can be made to size by simply cutting out a tile module with a plaster saw. I sewed inside bags from hardware tarp and drilled holes at the bottom to let the water drain.
The first prototype set ground on my terrace, welcoming a wide variety of aromatics and tinctorials. I designed a second version for my friends Stijn’s terrace, elevating them with concrete blocks.

Three modules are still left to find a new home.