Les Cinq Toits promotes living together by experimenting with a mix of publics and uses.
This social innovation project temporarily occupies a former gendarmerie barracks in Paris. Supported by the Aurore association, 350 precarious or exiled people are accommodated there and premises are made available to 40 craftsmen, artists, social entrepreneurs and associative actors. There is also a solidary restaurant, a bicycle centre, a solidary grocery shop that facilitates access to food and hygiene products for the people hosted there.

"Faire tâche d'huile aux 5 toits" aims to set up an experimental waste oil recovery circuit at the Exelmans barracks.
In an approach that includes all the actors of this third place (restaurant La table du Recho, residents of Les Cinq Toits, neighbours of the district and craftsmen occupying the shared workshops), this project aims to experiment locally with the transmission of artisanal soap-making tradition while making this sector a federating agent of social links and future collaborations.
This laboratory is also an opportunity to experiment with the imagination of soap, a precious commodity in times of pandemic, and proposes new ways of
social integration.
This project was carried out as part of a studio directed by Isabelle Daëron at Ensci in winter 2021 and is currently experimented at Les Cinq Toits.

in collaboration with Daniel Cadot