Mains courantes is a personal project that I developed during my last semester at ENSCI. We worked with a lightning manufacturer that intended to develop a market for solar lightning in Africa and Middle East. Their range of products was mainly focused on urban and road lightning.

I decided to take a step aside from their current market to focus on bringing light to the people and places that actually need it. I interviewed many people from Africa and identified topographies where the lack of light is dangerous : staircases, cliffs and stiff roads. I decided to use organic photovoltaic technologies, low-coast printed solar cells that are way more affordable and environmentally friendly than the sillicium technologies we all know.
I found a way to integrate those cells in an aluminium profile, using it as a lightning tube that would be part of a handrail LED modular system, adaptable to most topographies, absorbing light in the day and diffusing it at night.