Our generation is losing the culture of religion and our faith is shifting towards new beliefs. Many of us are disconnected from the superior forces and attach ourselves to the realities of this world, as we are slowly realizing that we have an impact on our salvation.
Food consumption is a catalyst for the changes people want to see, to gain control over their own existence and the fate of the world.

Through field investigation in Glasgow, I noticed many abandoned churches. In the UK, a church that loses its community can be rehabilitated for other uses such as climbing centers, pubs, apartments...
By redesigning the experience of the church and the use that we make of ancient artefacts, I propose to turn those abandoned places into community kitchens. The church becomes a space for civic action and communal moments, where they are kept non-commercial and inclusive, in their silence and majesty. Different rituals and ceremonies are shaped around this movement, leading society to unite through food. With this proposal, I intend to question what we are seeking through faith, and the way we can bring back the values that are common to all religions that tend to be forgotten.