Brand X is a group project that was created during my stay at GSA.
The idea was to design a brand for a future scenario of our choice. I chose to research into the post-Brexit context of Glasgow, in ten years, a polluted world with extreme temperatures and rainfall, where Scotland would be isolated from Europe and suffering from the lack of regulations in food and medicine. The NHS would become private and less and less people would afford healthcare.
We figured that cities would be crowded with people living in high-rises having to take the responsibility for their health, and thought of the garden as away to escape that sad reality.
We therefore worked on the concept of a new service, Glean, that would be
a collaborative way to rely on natural medicine to free ourselves from the chemical industry.
The system would be autonomously generated by a community of Gleaners,
in order to come back to growing and transform the concrete jungle.

in collaboration with Elena Mac Donald and Sarah Yung