I developed this project during my first semester at ENSCI, within a six month atelier led by Stéphane Villard about landfills.
Each of us had to focus on a discarded material and to develop an experimental process to define new purposes for it to be valuable again.

I researched on the leather industry for high fashion and met different manufacturers to find out when they waste the most material.
I got interested in the trim of the skin that is being cut out before it is sold
to brands for aesthetic reasons, once the skin has already been treated.
I collected those “skin edges” and experimented a lot to create new surfaces : a leather sandwich for tabletops and a parchment roll for suspensions.
I also developped a material similar to horn by cooking parchment at high temperatures with vinyl.
I thought those processes to be sustainable and reversible, so that all materials composing the objects could be disassembled and recycled separately. Those objects show the parts of the skin that are considered
to be ugly, confronting the user with the reality of this living material.