In the spring of 2024 I represented the TAAT collective for a three-week residency hosted by Co-transpose in the small village of Dikaia, Greece.

Together with TAAT, we conducted research around a derelict piece of land consisting of a field and an old warehouse. We as a collective decided to simply trace paths across the wild grasses to observe the natural processes at play, and let the forest arrive. We used the materials found in the warehouse to create small interventions fostering exchanges between humans and more than human entities.

My personal practice consisted of collecting the plants, composing the landscape and identifying them, using what had been stripped from the paths as materials to extract colour from.

I focused on the pioneer species of the bramble and the blackthorn trees, both spiky plants full of tannins and dyeing potential. I ended up collecting white cloth from the villagers and dyeing them with the «colour grade» extracted from the place itself, sampling a trace of the natural elements at play in this precise moment. The colour palette was also enriched with local plants harvested with women from the village during the easter ceremonies.

With the dyed fabrics, I created a textile installation in the space and left a collection of ribbons to be hung on the roof for the summer festival.