Radio Box started as a weekly sound studio at ENSCI, within a group of fifteen students working to design a mobile radio for migrants. The project was directed with the strong idea that this media would be a good way for those “invisible” people to express themselves, initiate activities within the camps, getting helpful information to flow and allowing their voices to be heard worldwide.
We worked alongside with professionals from Radio France and organized a broadcast at ENSCI where we invited people that worked with migrants to learn more about this world and to target the best approach our project could offer them.
The prototype that I worked on, being part of the design group, is made to fit in a car booth, to be transported easily and to turn into a table when installed. All the main components can fit in the central case and the settings have been simplified to allow such a tool to be easy to use for everyone.

Some of us decided to continue it and we installed the first prototype in Calais, for it to be tested and I designed the identity for the second part of the project.

in collaboration with Gaston Vidalie, Chloé Materne, Simon Angebaud, Mathilde Nguyen, Mathieu Eymeoud, Pierre Capdenat, Marie Simon Thomas and Nora Dupont