I’ve always had a special relationship to elderly people and I often feel that the way they are treated today is unfair. I thnk that it is important to communicate new ways of seeing elderly people and their activities.

For my graphic design diploma at the école Duperré, I chose to work with an association created by rebellious old ladies, the Babayagas, who succeeded after fighting for thirteen years to build the house of the Babayagas, a one of a kind place where they wanted to live independently, united and secular.
An innovative initiative that is a political project in the first place because their wish is to "change the way society looks at old people".
In exchange for their land, the Babayagas share their ground floor with the inhabitants of Montreuil, hosting the university of the elderly knowledge (Unisavie), a place to think and elaborate a citizen life for men and women that think that growing old is living.
This project is the result of one year of work, collaborating with the association to tackle the messages and tools needed to be heard.
The end result is an analog and low-tech visual system that allowed them to take control of their own events and initiatives in an autonomous way.